Motorcycle suspension is generally a part of a motorcycle that is overlooked when it comes to servicing your bike. The forks and shock play a big part on how you feel while riding your motorcycle so it is very important to service your fork and shock regularly if you want your bike to be handling its best. Overused oil in a fork is the same as overused oil in your engine, parts wear at a rapid rate which can cause internal damage to your motorcycle. The time limit on your suspension oil depends on a few things, your riding style, tracks you ride and also riding conditions. The recommendation for most motocross riders is 30 hours. Trail riders who normally ride single track and some off road would potentially get more hours in.

Tuning and upgrades

When it comes to wanting your suspension to work and feel better on the track or trail, there are a huge amount of options available for performance. You always want to start by setting your rider sag and getting the geometry of the motorcycle correct for your weight. The correct springs for your weight is a must, before touching any internal valving. The purpose of a re-valve is to tailor how the suspension works for your style of riding, off-road, motocross, trail, desert etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to performance upgrades and there are many options of performance like slick coatings and cartridge kits. Contact Daniel to determine which service suits you best.

Banks Race Development is able to provide the following services to suspension:

- General service for fork and shock which includes new oil, seals, nitrogen and inspection of inner bushes

- Springs to suit rider weight and geometry set up

- Re-valve for fork and shock to suit your riding style

- Ultra slick fork tube coatings for ultimate performance

- Gold valves from Racetech

- Air to spring conversions

- Complete cartridges

- Harley Davidson suspension upgrades for touring and stunts

- On track testing and set-up

Engine & Performance


Banks Race Development can offer the following engine services:

- General service, oil and oil filter

- Valve clearance check and adjust 4T engines

- Clutch inspection and replace

- Top end rebuild 2T & 4T engines

- Bottom end rebuild 2T & 4T engines

- Crankshaft rebuild, true and balance 2T & 4T engines

- Transmission repair and diagnostic


When it comes to engine performance and race bike set up, Banks Race Development offers various engine packages for the following bikes, but is not limited to:

KTM 65

KTM 85

KTM 125/150


KTM 250F

KTM 450F

Kawasaki 85

Kawasaki 250F

Kawsaki 450F

Yamaha 85

Yamaha 125

Yamaha 250 2T

Yamaha 250F

Yamaha 450F

Honda 150F

Honda 250F

Honda 450F

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