Welcome to the module of Mind-Set. Having a strong and well working mind will have a huge positive outcome for your personal growth and racing. Throughout my 20 years of experience within the sport of Motocross I have dealt with many different scenarios that has thrown me off-guard in positive and negative ways. I believe if I knew what I know now about the mental game I would have fast tracked my way through those situations a lot quicker. It took me quite a long time to understand it and also understand what works for me.


I want to cover some personal experiences and keep this as less confusing as possible. Back in September 2011 I received a phone call from Jeff Liesk (KTM Australia) advising me there was a team ride available for me on Coastal KTM for 2012. I was over the moon with the phone call as in my eyes I had finally "made it" as a professional racer.