Daniel Banks

Daniel Banks has been racing Motocross for over 20 years accumulating numerous State Championships  and a wealth of State and National Experience.  Aspiring to share his racing experience led to the development of Banks MX Coaching in November 2014. 

Daniel is a national level Motocross and Desert Racer who is still actively competing on the National and State circuit as a privateer with great success.

He is able to transfer a high level of Experience and Knowledge in a easy to apply format with individual training techniques adjusted to suit every level and age of rider.  Riders who attend his training schools and private training sessions improve not only their riding skills and confidence but also their race results, leading to a greater belief in one's ability to achieve their motocross dreams. 


Children respond to Daniel's coaching methods and feel comfortable with his endless patience and genuine encouragement. 

Daniel is a level 2 accredited master coach by Motorcycling Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Daniel is a 7 time state champion as well as being extremely competitive at a national level:


Some recent success includes:

2018 FINKE Desert race 13th Outright 2nd in class​

2018 1st SAMX 450cc MX 1 Championship

2017 1st SAMX 450cc MX 1 Championship

2016 MX Nationals 450cc Pro 10th overall

2015 MX Nationals Andrew McFarlane Privateer Cup Winner.

2015 1st SAMX 450cc MX 1 Championship

2014 1st SAMX 250cc Championship

2011 1st SAMX 250cc Championship

In late 2019 Daniel expanded his business, offering suspension and engine tuning. Daniel has been testing and developing bike set-ups all through his career and decided to offer his expertise to aspiring riders/racers. Having a good bike set-up is just as important as having a good technique on the bike, this is something Daniel is able to offer.

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